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LSU purple prints blue or blue/purple.

Solution On some printed documents that are purple in color on screen when printed out they print out blue or bluish/purple. This happens because of a limitation with LaserJet technology and CMYK conversion. The fix below as we have noticed does not totally fix the problem, meaning not all documents will print out correctly but most will. 1.Go to start menu (the blue circle) 2.Go to Devices and Printers 3.Right click the printer that you will use to print out LSU material, and go to printing preferences 4.Then go to the color tab 5.On the right side of the window that came up uncheck HP easy color 6.Then on the left side of the window where you see Color Themes RGB color, select custom profile, then hit apply and ok 7.Print out the LSU material and it should print correctly in LSU purple. a.Note not all documents will print out correctly b.Documents that we know of right now that do not print out correctly are i.The New Social Work logo This only applies to computers running Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System’s, and HP printers. If you are in need of a different Operating System then submit a request and will respond with the information you need. If you read this and have tried this fix and your document still does not print correctly please tell us what you tried to print out so we can add it to the list of incorrectly printed documents. As we are notified about which documents print incorrectly we will update this article.
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