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How do I work the Smart Board in the classroom


There is no simple answer to this question. Effective use will require experimentation and peer information sharing. There are many resources on the Smarttech website that can help you get started.


There is also extensive self paced video training on for Smartboard as well as hundreds of other technology and practical topics. LSU provides the subscription to this service at no cost to us. 

To log into the LSU portal:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2: Log in to my LSU account

Step 3:  Click on 'Campus Resources' tab on the top left side of my LSU page. Then scroll down the page and click on the 'computing services' option. Computing Services option can be found on the left side along with the other listed options Personal preferences, Directory information etc.

Step 4:  Once you click on the computing services, click on 'Lynda Campus'.  Then a web page should open up. If you have an account go ahead and log in, if not you will create one by just typing in your first name, last name, and your LSU email address.

Step 5: Once you are at the homepage, go to the top search box and type in "Smart board"

Step 6: Select the option that says "Smart Board Essential Training".

Step 7: On the left hand side of the screen topics are listed. Double click your preferred topic and enjoy.



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